The Magentis is an all-new Kia introduced in the D-segment of mid-sized executive cars. The car boasts vast mprovements in all areas compared with the previous model, plus more technology, and improved driver satisfaction all combining to give buyers great value for money which is common of Kia products.

Like the other high value cars produced by Kia, the Magentis is geared to appeal to the buyer who is looking for a big car with a small price tag. Competing against more mainstream names will be difficult but at a fraction of the price many buyers are sure to take a look.

The all-new design reflects the efforts of many Kia designers located in many countries, and borrows from other places as well.  From the side the Magentis looks clean and modern, with a smooth, conventional shape. From the front and rear the Magentis lacks distinction despite its unique grille and headlamp design.

The Magentis comes with a choice of new and improved engines. For the first time the Magentis comes with a diesel alternative. The diesel engine should appeal to a wide range of buyers and offer improved fuel economy. Also new to the range are the freshly-developed 2.7-litre V6 and 2.0-litre petrol engines.

Among the Magentis’ improvement list is a multi-link suspension system at the rear, mounted on a subframe to reduce noise transmission to the cabin. While offering increased ride quality, the system is sophisticated and practical but allows to much float under certain road conditions.


 The Magentis is a bargain priced vehicle. It is inexpensive to purchase, especially for a car this size. The car comes with a high level of specification and low running costs. The diesel alternative will make the car even more economical to run, and the only downside being the car’s resale value is likely to be low.

 The cabin is very spacious. Both frontv and rear passengers should be quite comfortable with plenty of head and legroom available. Taller passengers may be slightly less comfortable in the back due to the slanted roof and slightly less headroom.

The car’s controls and dials are large for the air conditioning, and the buttons on the stereo are clearly marked as well. Convenient steering wheel controls also allow easy driver adjustments. The Magentis uses white and blue illumination providing a clear display as well as looking more attractive.

The Magentis is an extremely comfortable car. The seats are supportive and the car provides an overall smooth ride. There shouldn’t be any major complaints concerning the comfort level of the Magentis. Cabin space is excellent and even rear passengers should be comfortable.

Accessibility to the Magentis is very good. The car’s long wheelbase, large doors and generous interior room make accessing the cabin quite easy. The boot lid provides a wide aperture for easy loading.

Parking the Magentis is a breeze. Light steering and good all around visibility make the car easy to park even without the optional parking sensors. The car’s large side mirrors help and make the car easy to park even in tight places.

 Life Style

 The 2.0-litre diesel engine provides good performance in the Magentis. Good torque will provide decent acceleration through the gears, although this is tarnished by an inconsistent clutch action. The Magentis is geared towards comfort, and the soft suspension absorbs bumps well.

 The Magentis would make an excellent family vehicle. It has a great asking price and a high standard level of equipment. Cabin space is more than adequate and boot space is decent. Boot space may not be adequate to accommodate some family items.

This is a large car for novice drivers, but it could make a decent first car. It has a good asking price and boasts good fuel economy. The Magentis is also super easy to drive. So technically it could be a good first car.

The Magentis demonstrates Kia’s recent progress in developing better quality cars. The car is attractive and looks quality built. The car’s interior lacks the same quality feel that its exterior holds. For many buyers the attractive asking price will outweigh the quality of the cabin materials.

Security and Safety

 Magentis come standard with an engine immobiliser and remote central locking. Higher-specification versions come with keyless entry, and a visual theft deterrent can be purchased as added protection.

 The car comes with a variety of safety features, such as; six airbags and ABS, plus the availability of ESP on higher-specification models. The reinforced bodyshell uses high strength steels to offer improved crash performance.

 The Finishing Touches

 The Magentis comes equipped with a standard stereo unit with radio/CD player. Some of the buttons feel a little cheap, but the sound quality is good.

 The cabin is comprised of mostly dark colors, the variety of fabrics and materials makes the cabin seem choppy as if too many different materials were used. The leather seats are of good quality, but the leather on the steering wheel seems a little cheap and thin.


 The Magentis offers a lot of bang for the asking price. Buyers who don’t want to pay the high prices of competitors will gladly overlook the less than smooth ride and the less than quality materials that have been used in the cabin.