The new Kia Rio is much better than its predecessors and is now worthy of some serious thought. It is an accomplished five-door hatchback capable of competing with both small and medium-sized models.

 Leaving the same boring style behind Rio’s designers have come up with a design that will give the competition a real run for their money. The enhancements were not limited to the car’s outside design however the inside has been redesigned as well.

The car’s trim is neutral, though owners can opt for several different upgrades. The cabin seems to have an abundance of grey. The steering adjusts for rake but not reach and the stereo buttons are too fiddly, otherwise everything seems right on track.

 Both of the engines available are reliable, and the 1.5-litre diesel is surprisingly refined and appealing thanks to its 60mpg capabilities. The economical engines will help to further increase savings.

 The Rio is an economical choice but performance has not been sacrificed in order save money. The Rio is not a sporty car but it delivers a smooth ride with low levels of noise and vibration. The car drives well  in most road conditions and is easy to handle.


 The Rio is very reasonably priced with low running costs and good fuel economy. Most dealers won’t drop the already reasonable purchase price too much.

 The Rio is among one of the largest vehicles in its class. Frontr and rear passengers should have adequate head and legroom. Taller passengers will be less comfortable riding in the back seats.

 The car’s controls and dials are fairly simple and easy to use. The car’s fascia is logically arranged and neatly organized. The are some upgrades available such as air conditioning, etc.

 The car’s seats are not the easiest to adjust but are fairly comfortable. The steering wheel does not adjust for reach, but the car does provide adequate room for passenger comfort.

 Accessibility to the front and rear seats is good. The door apertures are not huge, but they are more than adequate and accessibility to the car’s cabin is straightforward. Most passengers shouldn’t have any problems whether accessing the front seats or accessing the back seats. The boot is also adequately accessible.

 The car’s small size coupled with its excellent power steering make this car super simple to park. Parking sensors are offered on the options list but shouldn’t be necessary.

 Life Style

 The Rio wasn’t built for performance, but it does offer good handling and a smooth ride for the most part. The car’s braking system works well too, and even though the Rio wasn’t built for speed it does deliver a decent ride with adequate power at an affordable price.

The Rio could be used as a family car for a small family. The car has limited abilities and limited storage but may be a good choice for a family on a tight budget. It makes better since as a second car or a commuter vehicle.

 The Rio could easily be used as a first car, it’s affordable and economical. Running costs are low, and the car is small enough and handles well for easy navigation and parking. Insurance rates should be very reasonable and first-time car buyers may qualify for additional incentives.

 The Kia brand is gaining in popularity. Mostly due to the fact that they have increased the quality of their recent models and have increased the appeal of their vehicles.

 Security and Safety

 Security for the Rio is minimal. Rio’s are not usually hot targets for car thieves. Nevertheless, security was not overlooked entirely. The Rio comes equipped with central locking for the GS, remote locking for the LX and an engine immobiliser. Buyers may wish to invest in an alarm system.

 The Rio comes standard with front airbags, ABS, and two Isofix anchor points. LX models come with additional side and curtain airbags. Only the driver’s seat can be ordered with a head restraint to reduce whiplash injuries.

The Finishing Touches

The Rio comes standard with a CD /radio unit that has been specially designed for the Rio. Unfortunately, the buttons are too small, but sound quality is adequate.

Customers can choose between a range of special ‘Option Packs’ to upgrade the standard specification. The Rio’s Metal Pack, Chrome Pack and Power Pack – are worthy of investigation and add an extra special touch of class to the vehicle.


The Rio offers more space than other hatchbacks that sell for similar prices. It offers excellent value for the money and will do much to help boost Kia’s ever rising credibility.