Kia’s Cerato is the company’s chief competitor in the hatchback segment of the market. The car offers excellent value for money and good build quality. Kia is determined to carve its place into the automobile market and to be able to seriously compete with big names.

Kia has recently started producing models that shed the old bargain basement image of the company producing cheap cars for very bargain prices. The company has produced several recent models that have upped the quality significantly while upping the price moderately in order to still be able to be competitive with some of the big names.

The Cerato offers top of the range European hatchback levels of specification for bottom of the range prices. The Cerato provides a nice exterior style and decent interior quality as well. The cost cutting features are only slightly evident in the car’s cabin, otherwise the car looks and feels like a quality effort on the part of Kia.

The Cerato may not be able to turn everyone’s head but it is definitely attractive and practical. The car’s competitive purchase price won’t hurt either. Buyers will be impressed by the company’s effort and the car’s price.


 The Cerato enjoys a low purchase price and repairs should be inexpensive as well. Both of these issues will be very appealing to many buyers in this segment. The car boasts decent fuel economy across the board. Insurance rates should be low even for younger drivers.

 Boot space is good in the hatchback and less prevalent in the saloon, but in either model one will have plenty of space for shopping and most normal size packages. Foldable rear seats increase boot space and cargo carrying capabilities.

The car’s controls, dials, and displays are boarder-line boring. There is nothing flashy or fancy about them. The too simplistic nature of the controls gives the cabin a dated feel. Stereo and climate controls are much better though, with a couple of large rotational dials and chunky buttons that are functional and easy to use.

The car’s seats are comfortable and supportive, and there is plenty of head and legroom to go around. Road and wind noise is kept to a minimum while engine noise gets louder the harder the engine is worked.

The car’s doors provide good access for front seat passengers. The rear door openings are slightly smaller, so some passengers may have some difficulty accessing the cabin’s rear seats.

Parking the Cerato is easy. Good all-round visibility along with light power steering and modest 15-inch alloy wheels make parking the Cerato a cinch. Parking sensors did not make the options list and shouldn’t be necessary.

Life Style

 The Cerato delivers a decent driving experience for a car in this class. It handles well but doesn’t filter out bumps very well. The engines don’t seem to perform nearly as well as the chassis and suspension do, but overall the Cerato does a more than acceptable job delivering a decent ride.

 The Cerato might make a suitable family vehicle for a small family, but for the most part there are probably much better familiy cars out there. It might make a better second car or commuter car.

The Cerato would make an excellent first car. It is inexpensive to purchase and run, and comes with a three-year unlimited mileage warranty. There is plenty of room in the back and the car comes standard a CD player and air conditioning.

Kia is constantly improving their image for producing quality, reliable, and stylish vehicles. In recent days the company has been trying to appeal to younger more style oriented buyers.

Security and Safety

 The Cerato comes equipped with remote control central locking, and a security alarm. This should be more than enough security for this car. This budget hatchback should not be high on a thief’s priority list.

The Cerato comes standard with ABS, traction control, a trio of three-point belts, ISOFIX child seat anchors, intelligent front, side and curtain airbags, and a fuel cut-off safety switch.

The Finishing Touches

The car boasts a JVC/MP3 stereo as standard issue. The sound quality is good, and the controls are easy to understand and use. There is a six speaker upgrade offered on the options list.

The Cerato is available in four colors, ice blue, imperial blue, cherry red and silver. The car looks esecially nice in imperial blue with the standard alloy wheels. The plastics used in the cabin feel inferior to the competition.


The Cerato handles well and provides great value for money. The car may not offer a high level of cabin quality, but it is very worthy of a second look and a test drive. Kia is improving the quality of their vehicles by leaps and bounds and shows no signs of letting up on their new enthusiasm.